Group Painting Classes (School Programs or After-School Programs)

We are thrilled to present an extraordinary opportunity for all students at your school to unleash their creativity and explore the world of art. Renowned artist Rick Alonzo will be leading a series of captivating painting sessions designed to inspire and ignite a passion for artistic expression.

What You Will Get:

  • 1 hour - 1.5 hours of group painting sessions, customized specifically for your school and your students.

  • All painting supplies and materials will be provided through our program, including:

    • Easels

    • Canvasses

    • Paintbrushes

    • Paint

  • Personal instruction from Rick Alonzo and his team of artists.

  • Students will learn how to work together, build their confidence, and develop a strong mindset.  

  • Each class is dedicated to teaching students not only about art, but character topics such as:

    • Responsibility

    • Courage

    • Creativity

    • Being kind

    • Being respectful


School Assembly (Art In Motion)

Rick Alonzo seamlessly weaves a powerful and life-changing message into his speed painting demonstration. Through his artistry, he taps into the universal language of creativity to convey a profound and inspirational message on character building and personal growth.

What You Will Get:

  • 30-60 min. presentation on the topic of your choice. This can include topics such as responsibility, motivation, being kind, S.T.A.R. character, and respect.

  • 3-5 paintings depending on time limit.

  • The message and paintings will be tailored to the theme of your choosing.

  • Audience/student interaction to help drive home the message and to further engage students so they don’t lose focus.

  • A painting of your school mascot if you choose to do so.

Pricing depends on length of presentation and amount of paintings requested. We will work with your school budget to determine an appropriate price. Please schedule a booking consultation for more information regarding pricing.

Discover How Our Art Program Can  Make a Positive Impact in Your School!

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