Choose from a variety of paintings based on grade levels and preferences.

We are delighted to present a unique feature "Painting Samples" that allows schools to choose from a variety of paintings based on grade levels and preferences. This feature is designed to provide flexibility and cater to the specific needs and interests of each school. Each painting is accompanied by a description that includes the estimated time required and any sketching requirements.

We understand that different grade levels may have varying levels of artistic experience and skill. Therefore, we have curated a collection that includes options suitable for beginners as well as more advanced artists. For paintings that require sketching, we provide guidelines and instructions to assist teachers and students in the preparation process.

Furthermore, we encourage schools to share their own ideas and concepts for paintings. If your school has a specific request, such as incorporating your mascot or logo into the artwork, our talented artist will be more than happy to design a customized painting to meet your requirements. We believe that personalizing the artwork adds a special touch and strengthens the connection between the students and the painting.

Please note that paintings with more intricate details or additional sketching may require longer time to complete. However, the beauty of our system lies in the fact that schools have the freedom to choose paintings that align with their available time frames and resources. We strive to accommodate the unique needs of every school, ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling painting experience for students of all grade levels.

We invite you to explore our Painting Samples gallery, select the painting that resonates with your school's vision, and embark on an artistic journey that will inspire creativity, teamwork, and self-expression. Let the joy of painting transform your school environment into a vibrant and visually captivating space that reflects the unique spirit and identity of your school.

These paintings do not require any sketching.


No Sketching Required.


No Sketching required.

Mountains and Redwoods

No sketching Required.

Yellow Flowers

No Sketching Required.

Field of Flowers 1`

No Sketching Required.

Sunset 1

No Sketching Required.

Sunset 2

No Sketching Required.

Sailboat (Yellow Sky)

No Sketching Required.

Sailboat (Orange Sky)

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Oak Tree

No Sketching Required

Sailboat (Purple Water)

No Sketching Requi

Field of Flowers 3

No Sketching Required


No Sketching

Field of Flowers 2

No Sketching Required


No Sketching Required.

Sailboat (Blue water)

No Sketching Required.

Paintings that require sketching.

These paintings below are more difficult to paint and will require some sketchings.


Sketching Required

The Eagle

This painting requires drawing and will take about an hour to paint


No Sketching Required


Sketching required.

Sea Storm

No sketching required.


Some Sketching Required

Rainbow Unicorn

Sketching Required.

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